Among various Japanese traditional skill, WDH suggests a high-quality lifestyle generated by the highest-quality manufacture. They state their brand concept as follows; always produce wide kinds of products, deepen the depth of people’s lifestyle, and be high sense.
WDH stands for Wide / Depth / High. WDH is the shortened word of a product size (width, depth, height) when you buy a product.

All the products of WDH are filled with traditional skills or pursuit in Japanese manufacture. Those are the Japanese pride of “Made in Japan.” WDH aims to produce original items from good quality material that people can enjoy the change of items over the years and love and use it for 10 years or 20 years.

All the people can use the products of WDH, regardless of ages, genders, or purposes of use. Please select the products as excellent gifts items.

6 points of care by WDH

  • ・Excellent in traditional skill or craftsmen’s skill, and takes a lot of time and work
  • ・Made in good quality material, and able to make stable production
  • ・Original design that we cannot find in any other items
  • ・Change over the years, so people become attached to the item with enjoy its changing taste
  • ・Have a sense of security that the item is Made in Japan
  • ・Great usability, and suitable for gift that can make the recipient happy

Series List of WDH

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