On October 10th, a Japanese morning TV program "Hatori Shinichi Morning Show" introduced our popular item "KAGO" of Nousaku!!


The representative of Nousaku Mr. Katsuji Nousaku answered at an interview.

I impressed with his story "Succession of innovation becomes a tradition 100 year later."

Nousaku is in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.

They inherit the casting skill of Takaoka copperware, and produce stylish items for modern lifestyle.

Beautiful tin 100% products have been popular.

Once they are introduced by a TV program, the item often becomes out of stock.


Popular item! Order NOW!!

1.Tin tableware KAGO / Square / L / Nousaku

KAGO of Nousaku is a flexible tableware. You can bend this tin fruit bowl in the way you want.

Put fruits, vase inside, or any other interior items!

In any ways, KAGO can be stylish!

Please enjoy the beauty of tin and unique soft texture.


↓At first, KAGO is flat like this. However, you can change the form many times.

2.[Set] [Exclusive box]Pair beer cup/ Nousaku

If you are beer lover, we would like you to use this at least once.

The beer drink with the Beer cup of Nousaku is superb!

Tin beer cup can remove the miscellaneous taste of alcohol and make beer more delicious.


When you would like to enjoy colder beer, refrigerate the beer cup 2-3 minutes.

Please enjoy the creamy foam and unique texture of tin!


3.[Set][Exclusive box] 1 Katakuchi L Gold + 2 Guinomi (Gold & Silver)

If you like Japanese sake, please do not forget the tin sake set!

In addition to beer, tin sake cup can make sake more delicious.

Elegant shine of tin and gold change your sake time more luxury one.

You can enjoy the high quality tin tableware.


Japan Design Store recommends another brand of  Takaoka copperware.


4.Suzugami x3 in Gift Box/ 18cm (x1) + 13cm (x2)

Suzugami of syoryu has been popular item, too.

Suzugami is also made of 100% pure tin. So, you can bend this tin tray.

Depends on desserts or foods, please make your favorite form.

This unique and elegant item has been popular for gifts.


Please touch and feel the attractive Takaoka copperware with your hand!