Hi, everyone♪

Yesterday, on my way to the office, I found a cute acorn.

It seems that fall deepens into winter.


Well, fall is one of the best season for wedding.

Today, we would like to introduce our popular items for gifts.

That is ... Suzugami!

Suzugami is a tin sheet plate.

A metal sheet can be bent easily.

You can make your favorite form with suzugami.


Japan Design Store offers various sets of suzugami.

"I would like to send it, and use it as well. But, what set should I choose?"

It seems difficult to decide appropriate one from various sets.

So, we would like to tell you the recommended sets of suzugami for gifts.


Some recommended sets of suzugami!

1.【Set】Suzugami × 3 in Gift Box / 13cm× 3

As an individual plate, 13cm is most useful.

For Japanese confectionery or cakes, suzugami gives special atmosphere.

Especially when you have guests, 3 pieces of 13cm suzugami work well.


2.【Set】Suzugami x3 in Gift Box/ 18cm(x1) + 13cm(x2)

18cm suzugami is the best size when you serve dishes.

A 18cm suzugami can play the leading part on your dinner table.

This set includes 2 pieces of 13cm suzugami.

So, this set is best for couples.


3.[Set] Stylish Soba choko set/ Birds & Trees + Rain + Suzugami ×2

This is a set of 2 suzugami (11cm) and 2 sobachoko of Azmaya.

In summer, you can eat soba, or Japanese buck wheat noodles with this set.

In winter, this set turns to teacups and plates for snacks.

Very useful set for various use.


4.Sushi Party Set/ Kazahana/ Set for 4

If you like home parties, this set is the one you need!

This set includes 1 suzugami (24cm), 1 soy sauce cruet, 4 Edo Glasses, and 1 wooden roller  for suzugami.

With this set you can complete a perfect table setting!

Let's start a sushi party!!


In addition to these sets, Japan Design Store offers various sets.

Please find your favorite one.


A few people have used tin tableware.

However, tin has great antibacterial effect.

So, you can use it as tableware at ease.

Moreover, beautiful glitter of tin gives special atmosphere on your dinner table.


For your own use, and special gift, how about suzugami?