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Renewal of Shopping Guide

We have the right to renew our Shopping Guide properly if necessary. We apply new Shopping Guide at the timing of its renewal.

Cancel of your order by us

We have the right to cancel your order under any circumstances when we judge it is unavoidable. We will return the amount you paid except for settlement fee. We do not give any compensation other than the amount you paid except for settlement fee.

SNS linked project

If you kindly join to our “SNS linked project” through Instagram or Twitter, please agree to following notes.
Also, the posts with corresponding hashtag to each project (ex. #japandesignstore) are considered to agree on this agreement.

・ Our projects do not have any relation to companies of Instagram or Twitter.
・ We may use the pictures posted with corresponding hashtag in our website or advertisements we issue.
・ When you use Instagram or Twitter, please obey this agreement and the agreements of each service.
・ If you have any questions about Instagram or Twitter, please refer to the introduction of each service or ask them. We cannot answer those questions.
・ We do not take responsibilities when the posted pictures violate the image rights of third parties. Please get permission of subjects or cameramen of the picture before posting pictures.
・ We do not take responsibilities for any loss, debt, damage, costs, or any other statements caused when you shoot the pictures.
・ The period of collection or the contents of prizes may change due to the unavoidable reasons of our store.
・ We can change or renew the contents of this agreement without agreements of participants. We apply new agreement at the timing of its renewal regardless of its way.


Site users are responsible for the cost, fee, or any other risks for the machinery to use our service. Our store does not take any responsibility for the site users about the safety of the service, the accuracy, applicability, or the usefulness of the information.
We deal with followings as same as above.

(1) Loss of data, or the interruption, delay, suspension of the system due to the obstruction of network or computer. Loss caused by unauthorized computer access, or any other loss the user cause related to our service.
(2) Loss when the computer virus or any other harmful things are included in the mail or contents from our website, server, or domain.
(3) Loss caused by the users’ violation of law, our rules, or notes we mentioned in our website.
(4) Damage the users cause to a third person through using our service.
(5) Loss of income related to the users’ use or disable to use of our website. Or loss caused by any special reasons.


We do not give any compensation other than the amount you paid except for settlement fee.

Statement based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

See details from here.

Privacy policy

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