Gift wrapping service

Seller information card

We send seller information cards with all products or gifts we ship to our customers. On the card, we state our contact information so that you can contact us. By any chance our products arrive with broken, stained, or in poor quality, please let us know.
The recipients of gifts can contact us directly. Therefore, if you are sender of the gifts, please attach this seller information card together. This seller information card will be necessary when the products need exchange. We pack your products securely so that the products may not break. However, please be assured by any chance the products are broken. The seller information card will help you or the gifts recipients.

If the products have any troubles, please also see “If the products are broken.” We take the responsibility to ship the precious products to our customers.

Image of seller information card and message card for gift recipients.

Message card service

We can make a free message card for you.

  1. How to use message card service

    If you would like to use message card service, please select the service in Checkout process. When you choose the designated wrapping service, you can see “message service.” Please choose “Use” of message card service.

    Image of the selection of the message card service

    When you select “Use,” you can see these blanks. Please fill out your messages.
    * The maximum volume is about 7 words × 5 lines. (The number on the right side of the blank indicates the rest numbers of characters you can fill out.)
    We make a message card just as you entered. Please do not use model-dependent characters.

    Message example
    Image of message card
    Image of message card
[Notes of seller information card]
* For overseas customers, we send two similar cards. One is a seller information card, and the another is the message card. When you send our products as gifts and make message cards, please give these two cards together to the recipients.
* You can use one message card service for one order.
* The seller information card and message card will be put in the box. Please note that the cards are not wrapped together with the products.