By any chance our products arrive with “broken or stained,” “poor quality,” “different from the products you ordered,” we will soon exchange the products. We cannot accept return of the products by any reasons. Please do not deny receiving at the custom of your country.
(* Please note that we cannot exchange some products.)
Please let us know from “Contact Uswithin 8 days after the arrival date from the same mail address you used when you ordered.
We cannot accept any exchanges after the expiration of the exchange deadline. We will tell you the way of exchanging after we receive your mail.
(* Please complete the proceed to shipment of the products within 8 days by customers.)

Purchase for you
Please let us know “Order number” “Products’ name” “Condition of the products” when you contact us.
Receive as a gift
Please let us know “Name and address of sender” “Date you receive the gift” “Condition of the products.”

* By any chance the product is broken or stained, please also refer to “If the products are broken.”

The conditions we cannot exchange products

・ No contact within 8 days after the arrival date of the products.
・ Used products.
・ The customers stain or break the products.
・ When you stain, break, or lose the boxes, tags, descriptions, or any other attachments of the products.
Specified products* products-on-sale, specially ordered products, back ordered products, purchase numbers of same products, or products that mentioned “No-return” in each product page.
・ Purchased in other shops.
・ We judge that we cannot accept the exchange.

* Specified products
・Products which Stock status is shown as “Out of stock”
・Catalog gift
・Wajima Kirimoto “Japanese lacquer box”
・Hirota Glass “Futa Choko”
・Kimura glass “Edo Kiriko MITATE”
・more Trees design “Cuckoo clock”
・1616/arita japan “Vase in S&B series”
・Gato Mikio Store “TSUMUGI”
・Set items that include products mentioned above
・SALE items
・Products with putting name service
・Food or set items including food



In principle, we CANNOT accept cancel after you placed order. All the items in our store are produced by traditional craftsmen one by one. Everything is very rare.
In particular, we CANNOT accept cancel for made-to-order items or back-ordered items in any case. Please place order after careful consideration.

However, we accept cancels under the following situation.
(* Please note that you cannot cancel some products due to the system of atelier even under the following situation.)

1. When the shipping date delays seriously.
When concentrated orders occur and item becomes out of stock, or the arrival of items from the atelier delays, the shipping date delays seriously from the date we announced when you ordered. In this case, we will accept cancel of your order. We will send a mail to ask whether you would like to maintain or cancel your order.
2. When your orders are overlapped.
When you placed overlapping orders in error, we will accept cancel of your order. In this case, please let us know from Contact Us” with your “Order number.”

Cancel after the shipping

We cannot accept the cancel of order after the shipping or completing the readiness to ship. All orders are assumed your purchase.
We cannot accept return by any reasons.
If a customer repeat cancel after making order, or deny receiving at the customs of one’s country, we do not accept any orders after that. We will cancel the order.

If the products are broken

If the tableware, glasses, or porcelain etc. are broken, please tell us the condition from “Contact Us” immediately. We will reply within three business day.
When the damage seems to be caused during shipping, we can apply insurance. The shipping cost includes the premium of insurance for your parcel. To apply damage compensation, please keep the label of EMS, damaged item, and the box we sent. We explain the procedure of report below.

Flow of exchange for damaged products

  1. STEP1.Contact us

    If the products are broken, please tell us the condition from “Contact Us.”
    If you order the products, please tell us the “Order number.” If you receive the products as gifts, please tell us the “Name of sender.”

  2. STEP2.Submit damage report (if the damage is caused during shipping)

    The shipping cost includes the premium of insurance for your parcel. To apply the insurance, we need your “damage report.”
    First, we will submit “Claim for damages” to Japan Post Office according to your claim.
    Then, Japan Post Office will submit the “Claim for damages” to the post office of your country.
    When the Claim is received, the post office of your country will contact you to make damage report within 1-2 weeks. To apply damage compensation, you need following three items.
    1.The number of EMS
    2.Damaged item
    3.The box we sent
    Also, please tell us the receipt number of your damage report by picture from "Contact Us".

  3. STEP3.Shipment of new products

    After we confirm the conditions of the damage, (and receipt number of damage report if the damage is caused during shipping) we will ship new products.
    * It may take time before shipping if the products are popular or back order.


Some ateliers accept repair of the products. Customers are responsible for double shipping cost and commission. Some ateliers may charge the repair cost. If you need repair, please contact us from “Contact Us.” We will make an estimate.
* All products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. So, our store cannot repair the products by ourselves.
If you have no idea about the atelier or makers of your products, we will let you know.
Please contact us from “Contact Us” with “Order number” or “Customers’ name, Address, Date of purchase.”

Return/ Exchange/Repair/Cancel of the items of Active Creators

The products from Active creators have different rules on Return/Exchange/Repair/Cancel. Please see the rules of products active creators from "Return/Exchange/Repair/Cancel of the items of Active Creators."