Gift wrapping service

How to order gift wrapping service

  1. STEP1.Select “Use” Wrapping service

    When you proceed to Checkout, you can see the section of gift wrapping service. If you use gift wrapping service, please select “Use.”

    Image of the selection of gift wrapping service
  2. STEP2.Select Purpose of your gift wrapping

    Please select the purpose of your gift wrapping from following two.
    ・Celebration (Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, etc.)
    ・Mourning (Funeral, etc.)

    In Japanese culture, people send gifts for celebrating someone, or expressing his/her sorrow. Proper Japanese gift wrapping are different from each purpose. For usual gift wrapping, please choose "celebration".

    Image of the selection of purpose of gift wrapping
  3. STEP3.Select The number of wrapping

    When you purchase multiple numbers of products, you can select the number of wrapping from following three.
    When you order one product, please select “One.”

    Image of the selection of the number of wrapping
    When you would like to gather some products into one gift, or when you purchase one product and one exclusive box (paper/ paulownia), please select “One.”
    ・Each item (Number of products × Wrapping cost)
    When you would like to order gift wrapping for each item, please select “Each item.” The wrapping cost would be the number of products × wrapping cost.
    When you want other ways of gift wrapping, please select “Custom.” Then, please fill out the wrapping quantity and way of wrapping.

    Ex) You order 3 products (A, B, C). You would like to gather two items into one gift, and make one item wrapped separately.

    Wrapping Qty

    Way of wrapping

    [Notes of the number of gift wrapping]
    * If the sizes of items do not allow us, we will wrap items separately although you choose the number of wrapping as “One.”
    * If you want to wrap up following products, we may use a wrapping bag; products without exclusive box, small products, or wrapping numerous items together.
    * Please note that we consider that you understand this condition above when you make order. We do not contact you about this.
  4. STEP4.Select Wrapping type

    When you choose the “Purpose of gift wrapping” and “The number of wrapping”, the list of Wrapping type is shown. The wrapping type in Japan Design Store are as follows.

    ・Easy wrapping
    ・Wrapping paper (Leave the select to us)
    * When you select “Wrapping paper (Leave the select to us,)” we prepare the suitable gift wrapping for the items.

    Image of the selection of the wrapping type

    The colored items are the material for each gift wrapping.

    The picture which indicates the material of wrapping
  5. Use Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

    You can change general Mizuhiki (Japanese traditional ribbon) into Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki (Japanese traditional ribbon with plum flower) as an option. You can use this service for USD $1. If you would like to use Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki, please select “Use.”

    Image of the selection of Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki
  6. [Noshi] Enter the details of Noshi

    When you select Noshi, please choose the “Wrapping style of Noshi” and “Purposes.”

    Image of the selection of the purpose and the description of the contents of gift for Noshi wrapping

    If you cannot find the desired purposes, please select “Others.” Then, you can see “Description of the contents of gift” and “Mizuhiki.” Please fill out your desired ones.

    Image of the blanks when you choose Others as purpose of Noshi

    About Noshi

    See more details of Noshi from “About Noshi.”(Coming soon)

    Manners of Noshi

    If you send 2 items or more to one person, Noshi should be put on 1 item in Japanese Noshi manners. Based on these manners, we put Noshi on the largest size item. other items will be wrapped with wrapping papers. We appreciate your kind understanding.

  7. Use message card service

    You can make a message card for free.
    Please see more details of message card service from “Message card service.”

    Image of message card
    Image of message card