Return/Exchange/Repair/Cancel of the items of Active Creators


We cannot accept the return of products. If the products are broken or spoiled, we can exchange or repair the products. We appreciate your understanding.


If the products of Active creators are “broken or stained,” “different from the products you ordered,” or “poor packing,” our store will deal with them. If your products come under those conditions, please see our general rules on “Return/Exchange/Repair/Cancel

If the products are “poor quality,” the creators are responsible for the products.
All creators have contact information on the page of each item. You can see it on the “remarks.” Please mention your “Date of purchase,” “Shop you purchased = Japan Design Store,” “Name of the products,” and “the situation of the products” in the mail.
* All products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. So, our store cannot repair the products by ourselves.
If you have no idea about the atelier or makers of your products, we will let you know.
Please contact us from “Contact Us” with “Order number” or “Customers’ name, Address, Date of purchase”.


We cannot accept the cancel of order after the shipping or completing the readiness to ship. All orders are assumed your purchase.
If you deny receiving, we apply the rules on return, exchange, cancel of our shop. We appreciate your understanding.

Return/Exchange/Repair/Cancel of general products

The general products except for the products of Active creators have different rules on “Return/Exchange/Repair/Cancel.”
Please see the rules of general products from "Return/Exchange/Repair/Cancel."


Exemption and Shopping guide follow the rules on return/exchange/cancel of our store.