Fall is a season for wedding.

A wedding ceremony hall near my house seems to have wedding ceremony on every weekend.


In Japan Design Store, we have got many orders for wedding gifts these days.

It is our honor to be chosen as the important gift for your dearest person.


However,  it is difficult to decide the best item, isn't it?

Today, we would like to introduce our bestselling wedding gifts.




Best seller! Beautiful flower plate "Palace plate"

The best seller since our shop opened is Palace plate of 1616/arita japan.

Simple and beautiful design reminds us beautiful Bride.

Simple plates work in various scenes.

We prepare various sets. Please select the best one in your price range.


Stylish & unique! "Suzugami"

"Usual tableware may overlap with someone's."

"I would like to show individuality in the gift. But it should make recipient happy."

For you, we recommend flexible tin plate "suzugami."

There is an item that we think it's good, but hesitate to buy.

If the Bride & Groom get those item like suzugami as gift, they will be very pleasant!


Japanese standard wedding gift "Meoto bashi"

In Japan, the standard item for wedding gift is "Meoto bashi" or 2 pairs of chopsticks.

We cannot use a chopstick alone. When we eat, we need a pair of chopsticks.

It is like Bride and Groom!

We have some more Meoto bashi in our store.

Please check this page!

Stylish Meoto bashi as best present


New life with Japanese tradition "Rice storage box"


Preparing wedding ceremony, purchase new furniture, procedures of getting married...

Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be are very busy.

In those busy days, there are many things to be deferred.

When they get those things as gift, it would be a very thoughtful present.

Rice storage box is this kind of item.

In Japan, sending rice or rice container has the wish that “the bride and groom can spend a fruitful life” or “the new couple will not suffer from starving.”



These items are bestselling wedding gifts in Japan Design Store.

This is the culture of wedding gifts in Japan.

We hope that our items will help you to tell your celebration.


Today's recommended items

Japanese traditional and modern Arita porcelain, TY Palace plate

Flexible tin tableware, suzugami

Stylish "Meoto chopsticks" are ideal for wedding celebration!

Stylish and cute wooden rice storage box of Masuda Kiribako

Wooden rice container as the home for rice