Hello. It becomes cooler.

I can feel the coming of fall from the scent of fragrant olive.


Well, have you ever visited Japan?

What do you choose for souvenirs from Japan?


Japan Design Store recommends various items as omiyage (souvenir).

You do not have to carry heavy luggage from place to place.

Instead, we can send the Japanese masterpiece to your country.


Today, we would like to introduce No. 1 item as souvenirs.


No. 1 ! Suzugami from syouryu

This is one of the most popular items in our store, Suzugami from syouryu.

Suzugami is made of 100% pure tin.

Tin is very soft metal. So, you can bend it into your favorite form.

Skilled craftsmen pound tin many times.


Suzugami has 4 sizes; 11cm, 13cm, 18cm and 24cm.

We offer various types of set. Please select your best one.


Among various sets, we recommend 18cm ×1 + 13cm ×2 set within paulownia box.

The gift wrapping on the paulownia box is so beautiful.



As an option, you can choose Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki for USD $1.

It is very cute and Japanese traditional .

Suzugami has descriptions in Japanese and English. Please use it at ease.


Another tin tableware, KAGO from Nousaku

This is KAGO from Nousaku.

In fact, most Japanese people choose KAGO as gift item to overseas friends.

It is made of 100% pure tin. Therefore, it can be bent easily.

Tin has high antibacterial affect. So, you can put food at ease.


KAGO is very unique tableware. However, you can feel the craftsmanship of Japan from it.

In addition, the items of Nousaku has description in both Japanese and English.

You can use it and care of it.



Special feature! Lacquer sake cup with gold leaf

Recently, this item lacquer sake cup from Toba shitsugei becomes popular as souvenirs sharply.

This glass is balanced with 3 different materials; glass, lacquer, and gold leaf.

The bottom of the glass is lacquered with a special skill.

Therefore, it has unique rough texture and mat gloss.


Lacquer ware is a representative traditional craft in Japan.

This lacquer sake cup of Toba shitsugei has traditional as well as modern design.

That is why the sake glass becomes popular.



Our translator made original English description for this item.


Can you find your favorite one?

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Best souvenirs from Japan! High quality Japanese crafts


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