With flowers, we can welcome a New Year more brightly.

On dinner table, living room or entrance, flowers in stylish flower vases brighten up your house.


Today, we would like to introduce stylish flower vases to welcome New Year.



1.Flower Vase / Gold / L / SORORI Series

Stylish and elegant form.

"Sorori" from Nousaku itself is an artwork.

Even without flowers, Sorori has beautiful atmosphere.


2.[Set] Flower vase set / Suzugami 18cm 

Suzugami from syouryu has been long-seller item in Japan Design Store.

When we roll a narrow glass with suzugami, it can become a stylish flower vase.


3.Flower Vase / S / White / S&B Series

Modern and unique flower vase from 1616 / arita japan has enough presence, but make flowers stand out.

The beautiful gloss of Arita porcelain brighten up your room.


4.Tin tableware KAGO / Square / L

This is tin tableware KAGO from Nousaku.

This unique item can be flower vase as well.

Arrange flowers in a clear glass and put it in the center of KAGO.

A common glass becomes a modern flower vase.



For a small glass, "KAGO / Square / S" is better.

KAGO can support a few flowers to stand up straightly.


What flower vase do you prefer?

All the flower vases in this page fit any types of flowers.


Let's welcome a good year with flowers and flower vases.