Reflects light, sophisticated form, and bright color.

This is

Edo Kiriko and Edo glass Karai from Hirota Glass


Unlike traditional Edo Kiriko glasses, Karai has modern and stylish design.

This new design has been paid attention from young people.

In fact, some select shops in Tokyo sells Karai.


Karai glasses are best size for drinking shochu or sake.

I (owner of Japan Design Store) recommend drinking water with karai.

When we pour water into karai, the glass reflects light more.

The Edo glass and Edo Kiriko glass looks like a jewel!


Well, Karai has 13 different items.

The most famous type is Edo Kiriko glasses.

In addition, we offer Edo glass and Taisho Roman Glass.

You can select your favorite glass from 13 items!



Enjoy coordinate with Edo kiriko!

Skilled craftsmen work cutting and polishing one be one to produce a Edo Kiriko glass.

Therefore, craftsmen can produce only a few glasses within a week .

It is natural that Edo Kirko glasses are more expensive than other glasses.


One Edo Kiriko glass has great presence on the table.

If you get Edo Kiriko for your own use, you may wonder "is it too expensive and too gorgeous?"



If you hesitate to get many Edo Kiriko glasses, we recommend coordinate with some kinds of glasses!


Elegant purple combination


Left: Edo glasses / Clear / Karai Series

Center: Edo glasses / Purple / Karai Series

Right: Edo kiriko / Arare / Purple / Karai Series


Fresh purple combination reminds us grape!

By coordinate with clear and purple glass with purple Edo Kiriko, each glass makes each other stand out.



Like a classical restaurant


Left: Edo glasses / Clear / Karai Series

Center: Edo glasses / Red / Karai Series

Right: Edo glasses / Purple / Karai Series



This is a coordinate with 3 colors of Edo glasses.

For glossy Red and Purple glasses, clear glass add sophisticated mood.

When we drink water with these glasses, it is like a table setting in a classical restaurant.


Infinite coordinate of Karai

In addition to these coordinate, you can make your original coordinate.

For example, gold and red would be gorgeous set.

The coordinate of Karai glasses is infinite!




Glasses are used frequently. Therefore, if you make a great coordinate like your clothes, you can make a cool or stylish table setting.

Also, each glass makes each other stand out by glass coordinate.


Which do you prefer the glass coordinate?

If you have any other idea, please let us know!





The combination of the first picture

Left: Edo glasses / Clear / Karai Series

Center: Edo glasses / Red / Karai Series

Right: Edo kiriko / Kamaboko / Red / Karai Series