Recently, morning and evening becomes much cooler.

We can feel the coming of fall.

There is a Japanese word "Aki-no-Yonaga".

It means, ling nights of autumn.

In fact, the nights of autumn are longer than any other seasons.


Well, how do you spend the long nights?

Watching DVDs, drinking sake, reading books.


With your calm time, how about lacquerware cup?

Today, we would like to introduce wooden cups from Gato Mikio.


Wooden cup from Gato Mikio

Beautiful wood grain and delicate form produced by skilled wood turners.

For the calm time of fall nights, these stylish cups are suitable.

These are Yamanaka lacquerware. Yamanaka lacquerware is characterized by its beautiful wood grain, thin wood turning, and elegant gloss.

Sophisticated lacquerware relax your time.


Most people have ceramic cups or glass.

"Isn't it hard to care lacquer ware?"

If you think so, please try these wooden cups!


Well, how should we care the lacquer ware or wooden cups?

Basically, it is same as the care of other tableware.


【Special tips of lacquer ware and wooden cups】

● Weak against rapid temperature change or dry

● Do not soak into water or place under the direct sunshine

● NOT refrigerator or freezer safe

● NOT microwave oven or dishwasher safe


It is same as glass that we have to be careful of temperature change.

Especially, urethane coated type is weak against heat.

So, if you would like to pour hot drink into urethane coated cup (natural color,) it is better to dip cups into lukewarm water beforehand.




Then, what is the good points about wooden cups?

【Easy & useful points of lacquerware or wooden cup】

◎ Light and fit our hands

◎ Hard to break by fall

◎ Do not make uncomfortable sound when touch with hard items

◎ Smooth texture of the mouth place of cup

◎ Easy to clean stain lacquered items

◎ Keep warm drink warm, cold drink cold

◎ Not cold touch in the winter
Now, we can understand that lacquerware and wooden cups are not only stylish, but also kind to people.

From children to aged people, every one can use wooden cup easily.

Especially, "WAQWA L" is universal design.

WAQWA cup has carved design so that people can hold the yunomi cup easily.
Dents on the surface fit our fingers. The WAQWA wooden cups are gentle for those who have weak grip or small hand.


Lacquer ware and wooden cups make your life more stylish.

How about starting life with wooden cups?


We also have pair set. Pair wooden cups would be great gifts for couples.



[Set] Wooden cup / SAKURA Egg / Plain & Black

[Set] Wooden cup / SAKURA Cylinder / Plain & Black

[Set] Wooden cup / WAQWA CUP L / Plain & Black

Please enjoy lacquerware life!