Hello, every one!

The other day, I saw mackerel sky.

In Japan, mackerel sky is one of the special attraction of fall.

I feel the coming of fall day by day.


Well, we got new products, color tetsubin teapot of Roji Associates.

We recommend  you to buy kamashiki, a cast iron trivet with tetsubin teapot.

The kamashiki of Roji Associates has simple, but stylish design.


However, you may not familiar with "Kamashiki."

In fact, even Japanese people do not know "kamashiki" now.

"Do we need kamashiki?"

When you would like to purchase tetsubin teapots, you may worry about that.


So, let us tell you the reason why we need kamashiki for tetsubin teapot.


What is "kamashiki?"

Kamashiki is a thing that is put under the pot or kettle.

In tea ceremony, Japanese people use the kamashiki made of bamboo or paper.

For tetsubin or tetsubin teapot, we often use cast iron trivet.

These days, we can see modern design kamashiki, like flower or with color.


Why do we need kamashiki?

Then, why do we need kamashiki?

The reason is to prevent "wajimi" or ring stain.

If you put wet tetsubin or cast iron teapot on wooden table, the iron and tannin of the table react and cause black stain.

Unfortunately, the black stain by iron is hard to be removed.


Therefore, we recommend to use kamaswhiki with teapot.

Of course, you can use other trivets or dry cloth.

However, to make a chic table setting, Nambu tekki teapots with Nambu tekkio kamashiki would be better!


As the picture shown, color tetsubin teapot "Moon" will be good with Kamashiki L (on the left side).

For "Tsutsugata-Hakeme" or "Dome-Arare," Kamashiki S will be good.


In addition, kamashiki can be a cool interior.

The calm presence of Nambu tekki gives cool Japanese atmosphere.


Now, do you understand the reason why kamashiki is needed?

If you already have cast iron teapot of Chushin Kobo or Mizusawa-Ubaguchi tetsubin of Azmaya, how about purchasing kamashiki?


For the sizes....

Kamashiki L→ Chushin Kobo cast iron teapots (Marutama / Marudutsu) L

Chushin Kobo cast iron teapots (Hiratsubo) S / L

Azmaya Mizusawa-Ubaguchi tetsubin S


Kamashiki S → Chushin Kobo cast iron teapots (Marutama / Marudutsu) S




We are sorry but we do not have appropriate kamashiki for Azumaya Mizusawa-Ubaguchi tetsubin L.



Japanese people are proud of Nambu tekki.

For your long use of Namabu tetsubin teapot, please use it with kamashiki.


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