Nambu tekki Kamashiki (Cast iron trivet) / S / Roji

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Nambu tekki Kamashiki (Cast iron trivet) / S / Roji



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【Kamashiki (Cast iron trivet) / S 】Nambu tekki is designated as Japanese traditional crafts. This is a Kamashiki or cast iron trivet S from Roji Associates. Modern and stylish trivet with beautiful gloss of cast iron. The legs of cast iron trivet are covered with resin. The resin nylon 66 has high heat-resisting property. S size is best size for color tetsubin teapot Dome-Arare and Tsutsugata-Hakeme.

Product specifications

size φ102×H14mm
weight 210g
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks 職人が1点1点手作業で作っている為、サイズや色の濃淡などに商品ごとの個性が見られますが、手仕事品の特性としておたのしみください。

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