Hello, everyone.

In Japan, it was very cold this morning.

Now, it's sunny, not humid, and comfortably windy.

My work makes progress!


Today, I would like to introduce various use way of suzugami.

I checked "#suzugami" on SNS, and saw a lot of beautiful pictures.

I learned various use from our customers.

We hope that this page will be helpful.


1.Standard use of Suzugami! with Japanese confectioneries

Suzugami goes well with Japanese confectioneries!

It is fall. So, I put Kuri Manju (Rice cake with chestnuts) this time.

Of course, you can put other confectioneries.

When you use suzugami with confectionery, fold one corner inside, and put a folk on the corner.

The plate becomes more stylish.



2.Make the most use of suzugami! with some snacks

This is a daring arrangement of suzugami.

Since suzugami is a flexible tin tableware, you can make such a wavy plate.

I put fried ginkgo nuts and sweet potatoes.

Good snacks for drinking sake.

Uneven surface produces much reflect of light and shade.


When you make waves, use a skinny sticks. You can easily make beautiful waves.

How about pouring sake into Kuzushi of Nousaku?

Shining sake in Kuzushi looks like full moon!



3.More than a plate! Suzugami can be flower vase

The use way of suzugami is more than just a tableware. You can make a stylish flower vase by rolling suzugami.

Today, I arrange Japanese plume grass.

With Japanese confectioneries on a slate board SUZURI of Studio GALA, a stylish moon-viewing party is complete!


You can enjoy dried flowers the whole year.


When you roll suzugami, use Koro or wooden roller for suzugami.

It is easier and you can make beautiful flower vase.


This time, I used 18cm Arare suzugami for all pictures.

The Arare pattern reflects light well.

If you have another idea of suzugami use, please let us know by #japandesignstore on your instagram or twitter.


Please enjoy good autumn with suzugami!



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