What shall we wear in this autumn?

Every season, it is happy to think of fashion for next season.

Then, how about changing tableware into autumn?


As for tableware, most people imagine rounded form plate.

Today, we would like to introduce unique form tableware.

At first sight, it is "cute" and "stylish"!!


1.TORIZARA from Floyd

It is TORIZARA, the bird plate!

This is a collaboration item with Floyd × SAKUZAN.

This name TORIZARA comes from a word play.

First, “torizara” means individual plate for which a person take food from a big serving dish.
Second, TORIZARA is a combination word of “Tori” + “Zara.” In Japanese, “Tori” means bard and “Zara” or “Sara” means plate.


Its humorous name, cute color and unique form make us smile.

Please enjoy your own color combination.


2.HANDS from Ceramic japan

HANDS bowl has the shape of hands.

The shape is like wrapping something with both hands.

Its gentle atmosphere soothes us.


This item is sold in the museum shop of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York).

Yumi Masuko of "TONERICO" designed this unique bowls.

When we pile up  3 bowls, it looks like the family.

Unique bowls can be interior goods as well.


3.FUJIWAN from Floyd

Turn over the rice bowl, it becomes Mt. Fuji!

These FUJIWAN have gentle colors.

Stylish design and cute colors have been popular from all generations.


Pair auspicious set would be great items as wedding gifts.


4.Chopstick rest Crinkle from Ceramic japan

Crinkled paper?

In fact, this is ceramic chopstick rests!

These unique chopstick rests are designed by Makoto Komatsu.

Unique texture provides accents on the dinner table.




How do you like our unique tableware?

Unique tableware makes your life richer and more artistic!

Also, unique items would be great gifts!