Hi, everyone!

In Japan, it is getting cooler day by day.

It is good season for pilgrimage temples.


By the way, do you know where the temple bells or the Buddhist statues produced in Japan?

To my surprise, more than 95% of them are produced in one city!

It is Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.

It is an overwhelming data!


In Takaoka city, a traditional craft "Takaoka copperware" is inherited.

Takaoka copperware (Takaoka douki in Japanese) started its history about 400 years ago.


In Japan Design Store, we offer various items of Takaoka copperware.



How about sending a product of traditional craft "Takaoka copperware" as a gift?

Of course, you can get it for your own use.

Today, we would like to introduce our recommended gift items from Takaoka copperware!



[Set] Omotenashi set from Takaoka

You can feel the attractive points of Takaoka copperware through tin products.

This is the set of suzugami of syouryu and chopstick rests of Nousaku.

Suzugami and chopstick rests are made of soft metal "tin."

You can bend and change forms of them.

Both items have Japanese and English descriptions. Good gifts for overseas friends.


[Set] [Exclusive box]1 Beer cup L + 1 tumbler

This is a set of tin beer cup and tumbler.

Tin beer cup and tumbler are famous for its purification effect.

It is said that tin can remove the miscellaneous taste of sake, and purify water.

In addition top beer, you can enjoy delicious sake, shochu, water and tea.


Tin tableware KAGO / Square / L

If you like interior items, we recommend this!

KAGO of Nousaku is made of 100% pure tin.

You can make your favorite form with it.

Making basket for fruits, or wine stand...

A KAGO can make your living room stylish!


Are there your favorite items of Takaoka copperware?

How about sending beautiful traditional crafts to someone special?

Traditional, but modern design items are suitable for gifts.

The following page introduces more items of Takaoka copperware. Please check it!

Takaoka copperware Traditional crafts from Toyama prefecture