A Happy New Year!!

We hope your continuous support this year.


Well, day after tomorrow is January 7th.

January 7th is a day to eat "Nanakusa Gayu."

Nanakusa Gayu means Seen-herb rice porridge.

From end of the year to the New Year's Day, we eat a lot of gorgeous food.

Stomach seems a little bit tired of too much food and alcohol.

For such a tired stomach, delicious porridge is good.



Why Japanese people eat Nanakusa Gayu on January 7th?

January 7th is "Jinjitsu-no Sekku."

Sekku is one of seasonal festivals of a year.

We have 5 days, January 7th, March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th, and September 9th.



For Jinjitsu no Sekku, we eat Nanakusa Gayu to care tired stomach by gorgeous food, and supply nutrition.

Also, we wish our health for a year by eating Nanakusa Gayu.

7 herbs are "Suzuna (turnip), Suzushiro (Japanese radish), Seri (Japanese parsley), Nazuna (Shepherd's purse), Hotoke no za (Henbit), Hakobera (Chickweed), Gogyo (Cottonweed)."

Now, we can get a set of 7 herbs at a grocery stores.

Let's live healthy this year with Nanakusa Gayu!



The following items are recommended for Nanakusa Gayu

1.Kamado-san / Donabe rice cooker / 2 rice cup size / Nagatani-en

When you would like to cook delicious porridge, please use Kamado-san from Nagatani-en.

You can cook rice and porridge with this easily!


2.Meibokuwan / Beech wood / Large / Sonobe

If you would like to eat porridge with wooden bowls, we recommend Meibokuwan from Sonobe.

It has cute rounded form.

In addition, beautiful wood grain bowls is suitable for a celebration dinner.


3.[Set] Pair of Tonsui / Agura / Amber & White / 4TH-MARKET

If you would like to ear hot porridge with ceramic bowl, we recommend Agura tonsui from 4TH-MARKET.

Tonsui is a bowl with one grip.

With beautiful gloss of tonsui, you can enjoy Nanakusa Gayu more!


4.[Set of 5] Wooden china spoon / Sonobe

When you eat porridge, china spoon is necessary!

China spoon of Sonobe has beautiful wood grain.



Now, can you understand Nanakusa Gayu?

Japanese people feel the season with seasonal festivals and food.

May 2018 be a good year for you!!