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Kamado-san / Donabe rice cooker / 2 rice cup size / Nagatani-en



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【Kamado-san / 2 rice cup size】The donabe rice cooker Kamado-san enables you to cook delicious rice easily. This is 2 rice cup size. A set includes 1 donabe, 1 inner lid, 1 outer lid, 1 recipe book, 1 ceramic pot mat and 1 rice scoop. You can cook various kinds of rice including Takikomi rice. Kamado-san has been very popular item now in Japan. Great gift for cooking lovers or Japanese lovers, too.
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Product specifications

size φ210×H160mm 1000cc ※本体重量は3kgです。
weight 4200g
notes freezer, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. NOT induction cooktop or dishwasher safe. Microwave, oven and open flame SAFE. When you put donabe over open fire, make sure the bottom of donabe is not wet. Wear kitchen mittens when you touch hot donabe. Do not cool hot donabe rapidly or soak it into water. If you soak donabe in water for a long time, it easily become clogged. You cannot make deep-fried food.

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