In Japan, spring comes and sakura (cherry blossoms) are almost gone.

One of my favorite flower ends its blooming season.

It is often said that "sakura is beautiful beacuse it is gone soon."


However, sakura can bloom forever on the table!

Japan Design Store offer various products of Sakura designs and Sakura color (light pink.)

Today, let us introduce our sakura collection.


1. Chopstick rests Sakura from Chushin Kobo

This sakura is a cast iron chopstick rest. It is very chic and stylish sakura. Cast iron chopstick rests have solid and modern presence.


See more details of cast iron chopstick rests from here.

Metal chopstick rests for modern dinner table

2. Chopstick rests Sakura from Nousaku

This sakura is a tin chopstick rest. Five petals of sakura became five tin chopstick rests. Do you use each petal separately, or make a flower with five petals?

See more details of tin chopstick rests from here.

Cute Japanese chopstick rests have stories

3. Sakura color espresso cup from 1616/arita japan

This is a cute sakura color espresso cup. It is made of Arita porcelain. Therefore, this cup is very light and tough. Sakura color cups make you relaxed.


See more details of cute sakura color espresso cups from here.

Colorful pale color mug! Japanese Arita porcelain



What is your favorite sakura items?

Sakura is the representative flower of Japan.

Feel Japan everyday on your table!


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