Rice bowls are very useful tableware.

Most of Japanese people use rice bowls every day.

Rice bowls are tableware for rice, but you can put any other foods.


If you google "Japanese rice bowl," you can find various types of bowls.

You cannot decide and find your best rice bowl.


Of course, Japan Design Store offers various kinds of rice bowls. Among them, we would like to introduce popular item Hira-chawan (flat rice bowl) from Hakusan Touki.


These rice bowls are designed by a product designer Masahiro Mori. Hira-chawan have been popular for use in house, and as gifts.


There are all sorts of rice bowls from Hakusan Touki. So, let us introduce three popular items.

1. For natural lovers


【Set】 A pair of rice bowls/ Folk craft-like/ Brown & Navy (in an Exclusive box)/ Hakusan Touki

If you like folk crafts, we recommend this pair!

This is a pair of fresh navy and modern brown. Folk craft-like pattern give us the sense of nostalgia.


These pattern and colors fit wooden bowls. Therefore, best rice bowls for natural lovers.


2. For Northern European design lovers


【Set】A pair of rice bowls/ Blue Flower (in an Exclusive box)/ Hakusan Touki

These are fresh white rice bowls with blue pattern like textile.

Simple but cute design bowls can be used for a long time.

The combination of two fresh colors looks like the Northern European design.


If you like Northern European design like iittala or ARABIA, these are the best!


3. For basic lovers


【Set】A pair of rice bowls/ Navy & White (in an Exclusive box)/ Hakusan Touki

These are stylish pair of simple navy and white rice bowls.

Please look at them carefully. Both bowls have stripe pattern called Tokusa.


Polished simple bowls are the best rice bowl for basic design lovers.

You can make your favorite pairs for gifts

In addition to the three sets I mentioned above, all pairs of rice bowl are in the exclusive box.

Or, you can choose your favorite two rice bowls and an exclusive box to make your original set.

The rice bowl gift set have been popular for wedding gift or birthday gift.


Gift box for a pair of two rice bowls/ Hakusan Touki