For preliminary arrangements, or as storage container, Enamel baking dishes of Noda Horo has been popular.

Many people mention "Noda Horo" as the representative Enamelware made in Japan.


Today, we would like to answer the questions from some customers.


What is the difference between Enamel baking pan and Rectangle Shallow of Noda Horo?

As the flat enamel baking dish, we have 2 types; "Rectangle Shallow" and "Enamel baking pan."

There is 2 different points of these two items.


1)Angle of sides

"Rectangle Shallow" has vertical sides.

On the contrary,  "Enamel baking pan" has a little diagonal sides.


Therefore, you can pile up same sizes of "Enamel baking pans."

However, you cannot pile up same sizes of "Rectangle Shallow."

(Instead, "Rectangle Shallow" has lid so that you can pile up some dishes in the refrigerator. )


2)With or without "lid"

"Rectangle Shallow" has lid.

Contrary to this, "Enamel baking pan" does not have lid.


Therefore,  when you use "Rectangle Shallow" in refrigerator, you can seal it with lid.

However, if you use "Enamel baking pan" as container, you need to wrap it with plastic wrap, or so on.


How do you use the "Rectangle Shallow" and "Enamel baking pan"?

Originally, "Enamel baking pan" is useful for preliminary arrange of cooking.

"Rectangle shallow" is useful as container.


It depends on your purposes, but if you cannot decide, we recommend "Rectangle Shallow."

Since it has lid, it can work as both enamel baking pan and containers.

We are happy if these are helpful for you.