☆A Happy New Year!☆

We would be grateful for your continued patronage to Japan Design Year this year

We are sorry to have kept you waiting.

Today, we start to ship the products in order we accepted during December 30th 2015 to January 3rd 2016.

Customers who made order, please keep waiting for a while before arriving your products your home.

How did you spend Year-end and New Year holidays?

1616 スクエアプレート

The city seems to return to normal.

How did you spend Year-end and New Year holidays?

Japan Design Store had year-end party at the last business day of last year.


We appreciated that we can had a good year, and put some dishes on Square plate of TY series from 1616/arita japan.

This plate is Square Plate 235. The 235 size is the second largest size in Square plates series.

White simple plates can make dishes stand out whether putting dishes orderly or roughly.


Simple geometrical design plate, TY Square plate. The corners of plates are not right-angled. This rounded corner prevent the plates from chipping.

We have used this plates for about one year, but any of them are chipped or broken.

Daily use items should be used safely.

TY Square plate for party and daily dinner

TY Square Plate can be used for party or daily use. Very useful and stylish items.

Simple and stylish white plates do not limit the dishes for put on. For daily use, or having a guest. Arita porcelain plates works very much!


Square Plate/ W165/ TY Series/1616 arita japan


Today, New Year's greetings and introduction of TY Square plate.

We wish you have a wonderful year.