Hello, everyone. How's it going?

In Japan, we can feel the change of seasons. Sakura (cherry blossoms) are almost gone and various flowers start to bloom.


This season, which do you prefer hot coffee or iced coffee?

Does it depend on the temperatures of the day?

In fact, there are the relations between the temperatures and coffee. In Japan, it is said that if it rises more than 20 ℃ (about 68℉), iced coffee begin to sell well. If it downs less than 15℃ (about 59℉), hot coffee begin to sell well.


These days, it is around 20℃ in daytime, and downs to around 10℃ at night. So, we drink both hot and iced coffee in a day.

The problem is the select of cups or mugs. You would like to save the dirty dishes for a day, wouldn't you? Therefore, if possible, you use a cup or mug for a day. However, the change of seasons are difficult to choose the cups or mugs. For example, if you choose a glass, you cannot drink hot coffee at night. But, if you choose a mug, iced coffee do not look cool.


Then, Japan Design Store recommend these two mugs. The two mugs are both light and thin, but you can enjoy hot drink, too.

Today, let us introduce the best mug for the change of seasons.


1. S&B mugs from 1616/arita japan



These are cute pale color mugs from 1616/arita japan. Small mugs are very thin and light. Also, the pale color looks cool and cute. Therefore, you can enjoy both hot and iced drink. Please note that too hot drink make the mugs hot. Touch the upper part of the mugs.


With these cute mugs, you can enjoy drinks whether it is hot or cold.


2. Tea Mate mugs from cement produce design


These are heat-resistant glass mugs from cement produce design. These mugs can resist boiled water and cold drink with ice. In addition, these mugs are with lids and tea strainers. Therefore, you can make a cup of tea without using teapots. This series have another form and 7 patterns. Please find your favorite one.


With these heat-resistant glass mugs,  your tea time will be more pleasant one.


Can you find your favorite mugs?

With these mugs, overcome this change of seasons!


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