Suzugami of syouryu and KAGO from Nousaku was introduced at "Burari Tochu-Gesha no Tabi" Nippon Television in January 30th (SAT), 2016


In this TV program, star entertainers take a train, and drop off at some stations, and take a walk.

It is very easy going program.


At January 30th, the stars took Ginza line, and took a walk in Shinbashi.

Then, they found a unique item at the window of "Gallery shop KANAGU."

At the window, flexible tin tableware "Suzugami" from "syouryu" was exhibited.

They can bend the tin plate as they want.


In addition, at the shop, they purchased tin basket "KAGO" from Nousaku.

KAGO is also a flexible tin tableware.



These two items "Suzugami" and "KAGO" has been popular items from foreign customers.

So, they are recommended items for souvenirs from Japan.

(These two have English descriptions)



Suzugami and KAGO are Japanese traditional crafts.

However, both are very unique tableware.


Not just this TV program, but a lot of media covers these unique items.

Please touch the soft metal by yourself!