Mamezara, or tiny plates are popular items.  It has been popular for gifts, as well.

For this cold season, these cute plates warm our hearts!

Snacks for mulled wine, for nuts or dried fruits, or seasonings for Nabe..


Stylish mamezara relax us on the table.

But mamezara is much cuter with some plates!

Today, we would like to introduce cute mamezara sets.


1.Natural atmosphere and fresh blue! Inban-mamezara set

[Set of 5] [Exclusive box] Various forms Inban-mamezara / Azmaya

Inban-mamezara from Azmaya has cute atmosphere. We can feel the warmth of handmade plates.

Patterns, forms, sizes...everything about it is cute!


Azmaya also offers natural white mamezara.

[Set of 5] [Exclusive box] Various forms Dobai-mamezara / Azmaya



2.Like a shining jewel! Cute mamezara set

[Exclusive box] [Set of 4] Arita jewel Mix / Floyd

It is popular item! Arita jewel from Floyd is a cute mamezara like jewels.

With a special glaze, it has beautiful gloss.

Just looking them makes us happy.

This set includes Round type and Octagon type.

Very popular item for wedding gifts.


3.Japanese tradition!KOMON plates

[Dish cloth wrapping] [Set of 5] KOMON Mamezara / Kissho-mon / KIHARA

KOMON plates from KIHARA is Japanese modern mamezara.

Japanese traditional patterns are modernized.

All patterns have auspicious meanings.

So, this set would be great gifts!


4.For picture books lovers and cat lovers!

[Set of 4] 11 Cats Mamezara / Snow / Azmaya

Even a cold day, 11 cats cheer me up!

These are cute mamezara of caracter "11 cats."

"11 Cats" are popular series of picture books by Noboru Baba.

For picture books fan, and cat lovers, these are suitable sets!



These are our popular mamezara sets.

Cute mamezara will work when you have home parties.

Let's get attention with cute mamezara!