Hi, everyone!

Under the beautiful sky and comfortable weather, it is best season for sports, travel, or reading books.

Also, it is best season for wedding.

Do you have any friends who will get married soon? I have some!


However, it is difficult to select best item for wedding gift, isn't it?

"The gift should be not too big or expensive one. Otherwise, my friend may be too careful about the return gift."

"I will attend the wedding ceremony, but I wanna send a small gift separately."



For you, we recommend small, cute, and useful mamezara!

Today, we would like to introduce our mamezara as a small wedding gift.


Best for celebrating! Jewelry-like mamezara "Arita jewel"

These cute small plates are "Arita jewel" from Floyd.

As the name explains, "Arita jewel" is very colorful mamezara formed like jewelry.

Surprisingly, these colorful cute plates are Japanese traditional craft, Arita porcelain!

Jewels are best item for celebration, aren't they?

You can select your favorite sets in accordance with your price range.


Japanese modern and auspicious patterns "KOMON series"

Next item is "KOMON series" from KIHARA.

All the patterns are modernized Japanese traditional patterns.

Furthermore, all the patterns have auspicious meanings.

For example, "Musubi-Zakura" of Kissho-mon series have the meaning of "the link and happiness lasting forever."

Very good meaning for Just married couple!


Cute auspicious forms "Mamezara"

These items have been popular items in Japan Design Store, Mamezara of Azmaya.

Auspicious motifs become the forms of mamezara.

Just putting some mamezara on the table. How cute they are!

As same as KOMON series of KIHARA, all the motifs have auspicious meanings.


Mamezara of Azmaya has 2 types.

Simple Dobai-mamezara (showed in picture above) and Inban-mamezara.

Blue patterns on white plates.

Craftsmen print the patterns of Inban-mamezara one by one.

Therefore, each plate has each individuality.


We have a special feature on mamezara. Please check it!


Collect all! Cute and stylish Japanese tiny plates

By the way…

The idea of sending mamezara as a small wedding gift comes from the real experience of our staff.

She said that she was very happy to receive it at her wedding ceremony.

She talked about her experience.



"The day of wedding ceremony was a dreamy time. The Groom and Bride were so busy that we had no time to talk with our guests. The only time we talked with our guests one by one was the send-off time."


"Then, one of my friend since we were junior high school students gave me a small paper bag. Actually, we had to bring back a bunch of goods at the wedding ceremony day. So, honestly, small and light gift was helpful to me."


"I opened the small paper bag after I came back home. The inside was cute mamezara! I was really happy about the cute small plates and his concern."



How is her story?

Please note that this is just a personal opinion.

Of course, the wedding ceremony and wedding gifts of your countries are different from that of Japan.

But we are happy to serve you for your important gift.



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