Just looking at them, we can feel happiness.

They are tiny plates (mamezara)!

Cute mamezara can be interior goods, collection items, and of course, useful small plates.

The more we use mamezara, the more they make us relax.


In fact, many people choose mamezara as wedding gifts.

And some customers make set with mamezara and something.

We are always amazed by their gift ideas.


Today, we would like  to introduce...

Japan Design Store original gift sets with mamezara!




1.For cute lovers

Arita Jewel Round 5pcs Set 


Butterfly 2 pairs Green & Yellow

* The box for "Butterfly 2 pairs" changed from paulownia box into white craft box


Cute motifs and colors captivate cute lovers!

Gentle pale color items are suitable as gift items.


2.For Japanese modern lovers

[Set] 5 plates of KOMON Mamezara / Kissho-mon


Hon Kanshitsu chopsticks "Kirara"

Traditional and modern, cute and stylish.

For Japanese modern item lovers, this set is the best!


3.For auspicious purpose

[Omotenashi set 5] 5 dobai-mamezara and 5 musubi

This is a set of "[A set of 5 plates] Various forms dobai-mamezara" from Azmaya and

"Chopstick Rest / MUSUBI" from Nousaku.

Both of mamezara and chopstick rests have auspicious meanings.

Therefore, you can tell your thought of celebration with this set.




Can you get any gift ideas?

Depends on the combination, you can make a stylish, or cute gift set with mamezara.

These 3 sets are just some examples.

Please find your favorite set, or make your original set from various items.


The set with mamezara and pair chopsticks would be wonderful gift as wedding gift!