Modern and stylish tin tableware KAGO from Nousaku.

Today, let us introduce the useful and cute use way of KAGO.

Small size KAGO for a few flowers

When you receive as gift or buy some flowers for you, how do you arrange them? If you do not have proper size flower vase, glasses or cups can be flower vases!


However, there is a problem.

Especially if the flowers have long and strong stem, they are hard to be stand firmly. For example, roses, gerberas, or carnations have such stems.

How can we arrange those flowers into glasses?


In such a case, small KAGO like Square S or Rose S work!

Bend tin KAGO a little, and cover it on the glass. KAGO can hold up the flowers.

As you can see in the picture below, roses can stand firmly in the glass.


The texture of glass and tin make gentle colors of roses stand out.

Only three roses can become an artwork like Japanese ikebana by glass and KAGO.


For big bouquet of flowers, large KAGO can decorate usual flower vase.

If you have KAGO, or if you like flowers, please try this KAGO flower vase.

Your life will be more stylish!