Everyone has longing tableware.

It may be the high-class brand items, or traditional crafts.

For example, teacups of Meissen, glasses of Baccarat, or plates of Royal Copenhagen.


In Japan, we also have that kind of longing tableware.

Cast iron teapots are one of those items.

"If I had a cast iron teapot on my dinner table...or if I made Japanese green tea everyday with cast iron teapot... that would be so nice!"

We have a very good cast iron teapots from Chushin Kobo. 


But, my friends are faced with some problems.

"How can I care the cast iron teapot? Isn't it difficult??"

"I am afraid of making the cast iron teapot rusted even if I got the item. "

In addition, "what is the exact advantage of cast iron teapot? "

"It is true that cast iron teapot looks very cool! but is it really good?"


Today,  let us solve the problems. We will introduce how to care cast iron teapots and the advantage of the teapots.


How to care cast iron teapots

Contrary to the expectations, it is very easy to care cast iron teapots from Chushin Kobo.

There are only three special tips for caring cast iron teapots

1. Do not use it over an open fire

Teapot is not a kettle, so you cannot use it over an open fire.

2. Wipe off the water after washing

The outside and the handle is made of iron. Please wipe the water off after wash the teapot.

3. Put a coaster when you put teapot on the table

Please use the coaster when you put the teapot on the table. The reaction of the component of iron and tea may soil the table (In Japanese, we call it Wajimi).

Today, we use the cast iron saucer from Chushin Kobo. Surprisingly, the cast iron saucer exactly fit with cast iron teapot Marutama S.

That's all! Isn't it easy?

Since the inside of the teapot is enameled, it is easy to care comparing to cast iron kettle. You can wash the teapot just like other tableware.


With these little care, you can use the longing item cast iron teapot!

Next, let us tell you the fascination of cast iron teapots.


The advantage of cast iron teapots

Now, you know the caring tips for cast iron teapot.

Then, what is the advantage of cast iron teapots comparing to other teapots?


The most good point of cast iron teapot is its high thermal conductivity.

The cast iron teapot can keep the warm of hot tea for a long time.

Therefore, you can enjoy hot tea regardless of the time.

Furthermore, high thermal conductivity make the tea leaves abstract the taste slowly. The taste will be  better.

The white teacup is a Hasami porcelain cup. Chushin Kobo offer this item, too.

Now, are you worrying about getting cast iron teapot?

If you have any, please feel free to contact us.


Make your dream comes true by getting a cast iron teapot!


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