Suzugami from syouryu was introduced at a TV program yesterday!

On December 20th, a TV program "Honmadekka!? TV" introduced suzugami at a corner "2017 Sanma Akashiya got these 10 items"

At the corner, Mr. Akashiya introduced 10 items that he bought and was satisfied with his shopping in 2017.

Our staff love suzugami. So, we are very glad to hear that!

In our store, Suzugami has been popular and long-selling item.

Once it is introduced by a TV show, it become out of stock soon!

If you would like to get your favorite sizes or patterns, please get them now! 


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Suzugami is a flexible tin plate. It is a magical tableware.

Suzugami was born from traditional skill of Takaoka copper ware.

Its stylish design, elegant gloss, and unique features have got attention.


If you wonder how to use, please check this page!



Best 10 ways to use suzugami!

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In our store, you can get Suzugami from 1 piece.

However, Suzugami has 3 patterns (Kazahana, Samidare, Arare).

Also, we offer 4 sizes of suzugami.

So, we recommend Suzugami sets as well!


Sets with 13cm and 18cm are especially popular.


1.[Set] [Exclusive box] Suzugami x3 / 18cm (x1) + 13cm (x2) / syouryu

If you are a Suzugami beginner, we recommend this set!

This set includes 1×18cm and 2×13cm.

Both sizes are very useful.


2.[Set][Exclusive box] Suzugami x3 / 18cm x3 / syouryu

The New Year's Day comes around the corner.

This set is especially useful to make a Oshogatsu (New Year's Day) table setting.

This set includes 3×18cm.

When you bend corners of suzugami upward, you can put some juicy food.


3.[Set] [Exclusive box] Suzugami x3 / 13cm x3 / syouryu

For snacks, cakes, or some appetizer, this set works well!

Just put one corner upward, and put folk on the corner.

You can make beautiful table setting.


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Now, we hope that you can understand the attractive points of Suzugami.

Suzugami have been popular as wedding favors or souvenirs from Japan.

How about selecting Suzugami as gifts or rewards for yourself like Mr. Akashiya?