Last month, our owner visited "GOOD DESIGN STORE" in Hong Kong.

"GOOD DESIGN STORE" was opened two years ago. The GOOD DESIGN STORE is the first store which sells the special Japanese products.

The products sold in the store won Good Design Awards.


This year, we got some orders from Hong Kong. So, the owner has been interested in the shop.


There are three "GOOD DESIGN STORE" in Hong Kong. This shop is the latest shop.

This shop is in the 『誠品書店eslite (Eslite bookstore)』

(But the way, if you have a trip in Hong Kong, I recommend this Eslite book store! The store offers various products more than a bookstore.)(


The interior in the shop is very natural. It has very stylish and calm atmosphere.

I find the tea canister and wooden soup and rice bowl in Gato Mikio Store. We offer these products in our store, too.

I was very happy to find those Japanese products sold in the shops in overseas.


I also find a leaflet "What is the Good Design?" The leaflet introduces the contents and history of Good Design Awards with cute pictures.



I asked some questions to a shop staff of "GOOD DESIGN STORE."

"How is the reputation of Japanese products at your shop?"

"Japanese products and Japanese design are popular in Hong Kong, too. People in Hong Kong like the detailed and careful finishing and simple form and design."


Hong Kong and Taiwan are neighbor countries of Japan. The countries have great culture of fashion, interior, and design.


Japanese crafts have been popular in Paris or New York.

These days, Asian countries also pay attention to Japanese products. The taste or lifestyle of people may be similar to Japanese people.


I hope many people in overseas will like Japanese products more. For the sake of this, our shop will make the best effort.