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Well, I explained the difference of Mamezara and Kozara last time.

On that post, I compare the sizes of mamezaras of KIHARA and Azmaya.

This time, let us compare the sizes of mamezara and kozara of our store thoroughly!




What are the sizes of Mamezara & Kozara in Japan Design Store?

This time, I would like to introduce 6 types from 4 brands.

Mamezara & Kozara from Azmaya / Mamezara & Torizara from KIHARA / Arita Jewel from Floyd / Suzukozara from Nousaku

In fact, we have more plates that can be categorized into Mamezara or Kozara.

However, I would like to introduce these 6 popular items.


Sizes of items per brand



Mamezara: Differs from form to form. On average, about 8.7cm

Kozara: 11.7cm



Mamezara: 10.8cm

Torizara: 15cm



Arita jewel

Round: 10cm

Octagon: 10.3cm×7.3cm



Suzukozara: 6.9cm


These are the sizes' comparison of 6 items.

I think it is not so clear for you by only the numbers.

So, we compare the size by putting same chocolate!

Generally, wrapped chocolate is about  6cm×2cm.

The smallest mamezara is "Suzukozara".

It can contain just one chocolate.

The biggest Kozara is "Torizara" from KIHARA.

It can contain many chocolates!

Then, I put these plates in order of size.

Torizara (KIHARA) > Kozara (Azmaya) > Mamezara (KIHARA) > Arita Juwel Round > Mamaezara (Azmaya) > Suzukozara

You can put any small stuff on the small plates.

Big plates can be used as individual plates, too.


Now, this is the comparison of our mamezara and kozara.

I hope this page is helpful for you to understand the sizes.

Please find your best one from various sizes, colors, and patterns.