Fall is when people have a good appetite!

In Japan, we have a lot of foods in season in autumn.

For example, these fishes are in season.


  • Aji (Japanese hourse mackerel)
  • Anago (Sea water eels)
  • Ayu (Ayu fish)
  • Katsuo (Skipjack tuna)
  • Kamasu (Japanese barracuda)
  • Tachiuo (Largehead hairtail)
  • Karei (Flatfish)


and more!

However, the most familiar fish for Japanese people is

Sanma! (pacific saury)


Sanma is great with sashimi, but grilled sanma is the special feature of fall in Japan.

Actually, Sanma in fall gets about 20% more fat than usual.

In addition, it is good in nutrition such as EPA, DHA and good protein.

If you visit Japan in autumn, we strongly recommend to try it!


Today, we would like to introduce a suitable plate for grilled fish!




[Set] Pair plates / Kasane-jima / Long

Kasane-jima series of Hakusan Toki is a Hasami porcelain plate.

It has  unique stripe patterns.

The lines looks like drawn by pen.


Kasane-jima series has Square and Long plates.

Since it was released in 1984,

In addition to the use for grilled fish, Long plate is useful for rice bowls, or any kinds of dishes.


[Set of 5] Plates Kasane-jima / Long

Simple plates would be great gifts, too.

For a present, we recommend set of 5 plates.


Most Japanese people enjoy grilled Sanma with soy sauce or ponzu sauce (a bitter or sour orange-bases sauce.)

In addition, grated daikon is indispensable!


Please enjoy the food in season with a stylish plate!