Do you enjoy the ling nights of autumn?

The sun sets earlier, and it gets cooler soon.

Then, have a warm and calm night at home!

How do you spend the time?

Watching movie by DVD or BD, reading books, taking a bath...

Some takes the time to their hobbies.

According to a research, the No. 1 thing what people want to do in the long nights of autumn is...

Drink sake slowly!

It is also good that watching movie with drinking sake.

If you are busy and cannot take such time, we recommend a little luxurious short break.

For a luxury time, we recommend glasses from Kimura glass.


The glass is crumpled!

CRUMPLE OLD has very astonishing and stylish design.

A designer Makoto Komatsu designed this unique rocks glass.

When you pour whiskey into the glass, the glass reflects light beautifully.


The glass stands in slant way!

SLANT GLASS is stylish and unique glass.

A designer Teruhiro Yanagihara designed this glass.

In addition to the unique design, you can enjoy the solid texture as well as delicate beauty of the glass.

3.MITATE N 2oz Shot glass C

This is a shot glass MITATE.

MITATE has beauty of solid crystal glass and delicate work of Edo kiriko cut glass.

The solid weight and high-class atmosphere makes you get pleasantly high.

For the whiskey lover without ice!

4.Orb Snow flower 10oz Old

Orb Snow flower glasses are Usuhari glass.

Usuhari glass means very thin glass. Generally, the thickness of the glass is less than 1mm!

In Orb series, delicate cut work is done on such a thin glass.

In addition to use as glass, you can use the glassware as small bowl or dessert cup.

Please feel the difference of thinness when you drink sake!



Which glasses do you like the best?

All the glasses are not only for whiskey, but also for sake, shochu, or wine.

How do you enjoy the alcohol?

With ice? Diluted with soda?

Please enjoy your favorite sake in your way and favorite glasses!