The S&B "Colour Porcelain" series from 1616/arita japan was introduced on the TV program "Made in Japan found in the world" of "Wafu Souhonke."


Today, let us introduce the charm of 1616/arita japan.

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Special feature! Modern Japanese porcelain from 1616/arita japan



Arita porcelain influenced the porcelain in Holland

An ancient city Delft in Holland is the birth place of Vermeer, a famous Dutch painter. Also, Delft is famous for Delft pottery or Delft porcelain.


Delft ware was established about 500 years ago. About 1650's, the East India Company started to import porcelain from Japan or China. The good quality and detailed painting of those porcelain made great influence on the craftsmen in Delft. Therefore, a lot of skill of Arita ware was introduced to Delft ware.


1616/arita japan have been paid a lot of attention in Holland

The TV program introduced a select shop in Holland called "the frozen fountain."

At the select shop, S&B Coffee cups and S&B espresso cups of "Colour Porcelain" series were sold. 。


1616/arita japan was established by "Momota Touen" a general trading company of Arita porcelain. To produce modern Arita porcelain, Momota Touen collaborate with modern designers.


S&B series are the collaboration with Arita porcelain and Dutch designers Scholten and Baijings.

With dozens of try and error, the craftsmen finally produced S&B series of 1616/arita japan.



High quality porcelain and traditional skill of craftsmen realized 1.8mm thinness of the porcelain.

1.8mm thinness porcelain is a see-through tableware. You can see your finger slightly.


You may worry that thin porcelain is fragile like a glass.

Never mind. Arita porcelain use high density pottery stone. Therefore, the porcelain are enough strong.

The S&B mug of 1616/arita gain its popularity for its cute color and the lightness as well as toughness.



In addition to coffee cups and mugs, S&B series have sugar and creamer sets.

The S&B series won the ELLE DECOR International Design Award in 2013.


At the TV program, a woman in Amsterdam in Holland was introduced.

She use flower vase and teapot of 1616/arita japan. Japanese porcelain fit the interior of a house in Holland.


When she has guests, she make some tea with her favorite Arita porcelain.

We are proud that Japanese masterpiece are used and loved by people worldwide.


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