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[Set] ELITE MODERN / Tea & coffee cup and saucer / NIKKO

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size カップ:230cc ソーサー:14㎝
weight (g) 450.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. NOT microwave safe. NOT for open fire or induction cooking top. Strong impact or rapid thermal change may cause chip or break of the product. Do not use the item for other purposes than its original use. Unglazed place (bottom) may be damaged by touching strong acid food for a long time. Using forks, knives, spoons with the tableware for a long time or frequently, the tableware may become black by the adhesion of metal components. Also, scuff marks may be caused by strong scratch by knives. When you use dishwasher or dish dryer, please follow the directions and cautions of each machine. Avoid boiling or warming the tableware in hot water (more than 60℃,about 140℉.) After use, please clean the tableware as soon as possible. Wash with soft sponge or cloth with neutral detergent. Do not use cleanser, scouring brush, or sponge with cleanser. Do not use breach to the items decorated with platina.
Short Description 【[Set] ELITE MODERN / Tea & coffee cup and saucer】This is a pair of tea & coffee cup and saucer of ELITE MODERN series from NIKKO. 5-star hotels and the first-class restaurants in the world love the fine bone china tableware of NIKKO. High-quality cup & saucer with sophisticated design would be great gifts for tea or coffee lovers.



NIKKO is a purveyor to the first-class hotels. The beautiful white color of fine bone china makes every dish stand out. High-quality made in Japan tableware gets great reputations all over the world.

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