TY Palace plate from 1616/arita japan has been very popular for wedding celebration, wedding favors, and birthday presents.

This white flower plates are perfect with meals, fruits, and confectioneries.


Pile two plates up for small cake or fruits!

Today, let us introduce new use of Palace plates.

That is piling up two plates!

Put Palace plate 160 on the Palace plate 220.

Two piling flowers make small cake or fruits stand out.


Ty palace plate is the motif of bloom of chrysanthemum. If you pile two different sizes plates, the plates become a big bloom of flower like a dahlia. Beautiful plates become more gorgeous.


There are all sorts of flower motif plates. However, the Arita porcelain plate Palace plate does not have any pattern on it. Therefore, this flower plate is cute and chic.

Simple and gorgeous, elegant and cute. It is the best plate for adult women. +


Large plate is good for serving, and small plate is good for sharing.

For you, or for someone special.

Best item for you and your precious people.


For gift, we offer best set within exclusive box.

See more details from here.

Palace Plate x2 in Gift Box/φ160(x1) + φ220(x1)


Also, we offer set of three, one large plate and two small plates. This set is very popular item for wedding gift.

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Palace Plate x3 in Gift Box/φ160(x2) + φ220(x1)

There may be many other use of TY Place plates.

How do you use it?