On the September 16th (Fri), a Japanese TV program "Hatori Shinichi Morning Show" introduced "suzugami" from "syouryu" and "KAGO" from "Nousaku."


"KAGO" was introduced at the studio. It was introduced as "it is made of 100% real tin. It can be bent easily while it is made of metal."

"KAGO" is produced with the casting skill of Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture.

Please see details of KAGO from here.

Novel tin tableware KAGO



"Suzugami" can be folded like paper. You can make your favorite tray with it.

"Suzugami" from Shimatani syouryu has been popular at our store.

Small suzugami is a good size for small snacks.

Large size suzugami can be a plate for salad or any other dishes.


Once it introduced by medias, suzugami would be sold out within a day!


Now, (September 19th) we do not have stock of some sizes and patterns of suzugami. It may take more than 2 months to be restocked.

If you want to get them, we recommend you to buy sizes or patterns with stock.


※We are planning to receive bulk order at February 2017.

See more details of suzugami from here.

Flexible tin tableware, suzugami