The sunset is especially beautiful in fall.


As it is getting colder, we cannot wait for ....

Foods in fall!

In Japan, there is a word that "Fall is a season of food."

Have you already enjoyed some?


Many foods are in season in fall.

Pacific saury, Japanese chestnuts, Japanese pear, apple, grape, mushrooms...

New rice comes in market, too.

Good season for eating!!


Well, with delicious foods in fall, we recommend...


Tin tumbler!




For delicious foods, delicious sake is indispensable.

Beer glass work well in summer.

However, tin tumbler works through the year.


Tin tumbler removes miscellaneous taste of sake, and makes sake mellow.

Tin has high ion effect. That effect works for delicious sake.


For baked Pacific saury, hot shochu.

For sashimi, cold Japanese sake.

White wine is also good with fish dishes.

For mushrooms, hot sake would be great.



Recommended tin tumbler for foods in fall

① Tin beer tumbler / Nousaku

It is useful size tin tumbler. It fits our hand.

Simple and stylish form has great presence.

Gentle shine of tin reflects beautiful light of moon in this season.



② [Set] [Exclusive box]Pair NAJIMI tumbler/ Paulownia box/ Nousaku

If you like unique design, we recommend this NAJIMI tumbler.

The dent on the surface fits our thumbs.


Actually, tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver.

Therefore, tin tableware have been sent for celebrating gifts.

Nousaku has paulownia box set. High-class tableware within a beautiful box is a great gift.


For your information, here is the size comparison of tumbler and NAJIMI tumbler.

NAJIMI tumbler is bigger than tumbler.

If you would like to drink a lot, we recommend NAJIMI tumbler.



(Left: tumbler / Right : NAJIMI tumbler)


In winter, sake will be good with hot pot!

Please enjoy delicious foods and delicious sake  with tin tumbler!