Hello, how's everything?

Do you know what day is it, June 18th?

It is ..... Father's Day of this year!


Have you already decided the gifts for your father?

These days, we have received a lot of orders of Father's Day gifts.

We will tell you the ranking of Father's Day Gift later..

Today, we would like to introduce another recommended items.


The most popular items for Father's Day gifts are tin sake cups from Nousaku.

Tin sake cups are confidently recommended for sake lovers.


Then, what should we choose for the fathers who do not like sake?

We recommend this tea canister and mug set!



This tea canister Karmi from Gato Mikio Store has high airtight effect.

Therefore, it can protect the freshness of loose tea leaves.

In addition to loose tea leaves, Karmi is a suitable container for coffee beans.

So, if your father like coffee or tea, this is a best gift!




The simple white mug is Mug with handle from 1616/arita japan.

This white mug is made of Arita porcelain.

Therefore, it has beautiful white color.

With tea canister, your father can spend calm tea time or coffee break.


Can you get any ideas for Father's Day gifts?

For sake lovers, please see the Father's Day gift ranking.


We hope you have a good day with your father!


Today's recommended items

Special Japanese wooden tea canister Karmi

Simple is luxury… simple and modern coffee cup of Arita porcelain