We are happy to get a review from a customer!

The customer purchased "suzugami" at our store. She kindly gave us a review of that product.


Today, we would like to introduce the review of "suzugami."

If you have interests in "suzugami," please refer to this review comment.

(The customer is a Japanese woman and she gave us a comment in Japanese. So, our translator translates the comment. )



■First comment

To customer service,
The other day, I purchased a set of one big suzugami and two suzugami for a wedding gift.
The groom is a cameraman. His father is a designer and his mother is a writer. So, his family is a very creative family.
For such a creative person, I have been wondering what I should send to him.
Then, I finally found "suzugami." I thought "this is it!"
His family gave me high praise!
Thank you very much.
In addition to the great product, your wrapping was great!
I chose Ume-Mizuhiki for an option, and that upgrades the product!
Tokyo  S.Y.

■Second comment

(She gave us another order)

To customer service
Yesterday, I got suzugami!
The wrapping was so beautiful. I can feel that you wrapped it carefully to keep the atmosphere of the product.
I really appreciate it♪
In fact, I found some other shopping website which sell suzugami.
When I purchase two big suzugami, it costs a lot. Therefore, I can gain some points if I purchase it in that website.
However, I really liked your wrapping. The paulownia box with Ume-mizuhiki was wonderful. Then I checked the wrapping of that website. I found it the wrapping was usual....
I knew that suzugami is a very surprising product. Therefore, I believed that my friend would be happy even it was with a usual wrapping.
But I liked that cute wrapping of paulownia box with Ume-mizuhiki...
Actually, I was wondering which should I choose; the wrapping or the point.
I usually got a few points by small shopping, so that was a big chance. I was not able to decide soon.
Finally, however, I decided to purchase suzugami at your website.
I was not able to give up the first impression of my friend. She would be much happier with wonderful paulownia box with Ume-mizuhiki when I give her the present.
I was right! I am satisfied with beautiful wrapping! You are the professional with and you have great sense!
I chose a right select to choose your shop and give up the points♪
The paulownia box with Ume-mizuhiki. That wrapping make the inside much valuable.
I hope that you continue to create good products with full of sense.
I think I will shop with you again and again.
I pray for your future success.
With full of my thanks,
Tokyo S.Y.
Our customer S.Y. ordered these following products.
・Set of suzugami within paulownia box
・Easy wrapping (Japanese-style)
・Option: Ume-mizuhiki(¥100)
Dear S.Y. Thank you for shopping with us for a present to your dearest friend.
We are happy to serve you with our suzugami and wrapping service.
Also, we are relieved to hear that our wrapping will make suzugami stand out.
We all look forward to serving you again, S.Y.
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