Hello, how are you?

It is beautiful season of hydrangea.


Tsuyu, or Japanese rainy season  has high humidity.

We have very humid days recently.

However, it is said that the humidity of rainy season is good for our skin.

The best humidity for skin is 65%.

In addition, the ultra violet rays of rainy day is 30% of sunny days.


This spring was very dry and had strong sunshine.

We can have a rest before hot summer.


Today, we picked up some recommended items for this rainy season and hot summer.

With these items, you can spend summer cool, stylish, and happy.




When it gets hot, Japanese people love eating iced noodles such as zaru soba or somen.

To eat these noodles, soba choko are needed!

Mainly, soba choko has two types; ceramics or glasses.

Which do you prefer?

Inban soba choko from Azmaya has beautiful contrast of white and blue.

The soba choko cup on the picture is Soba choko Ame (Rain).

We can feel the beauty of rain from this design. With this cup, we can spend rainy season happily.


Ceramic soba choko can be a small tableware for serving small appetizers.

Moreover, this cup is best size for drinking tea.


This beautiful glasses are Taisho Roman Glass from Hirota Glass.

Transparent glasses have opal patterns.

The cup on the picture is Soba choko Nami (wave).

All the patterns of Taidho Roman Glass are the Japanese traditional patterns. You can see beatiful shade when the glasses are lit.


Glass soba choko fit jelly or summer desserts.


Both ceramics and glasses have own features.

Ame and Nami are the motif related to water. Both looks cool.

Azmaya and Hirota Glass expressed traditional patterns by traditional skills. However, both have different atmosphere.

Which is more suitable for your summer?


There are summer foods like water melon or shaved ice.

There are summer fashion items like linen shirts or straw hat.

Also, there are proper tableware for summer.

Please enjoy summer table settings with summer items!