Today, let us introduce the pale color Arita porcelain 1616/arita japan S&B "Colour Porcelain" series.

Unlike traditional Arita ware, gentle pale color tableware make us warm.

The Dutch designers Scholten and Baijings produced this new Japanese colors. They abstracted 200 traditional Arita porcelain colors. And they reinterpreted the color to produce new but traditional colors.

In this way, the colors of S&B "Colour Porcelain" series were produced. In the process of reinterpreting, the colors of traditional Arita porcelain met Japanese seasonal colors and traditional scenery.



↑The color of mugs of S&B series seems to express Japanese four seasons.

The feature of "Colour Porcelain" series is the different texture of glaze and colors. Same tone color products have different colorings and texture.

Some products are gradation coloring, and some are two-tone. We can feel the playful mind of designers.



Can you guess what is this?

The answer is the sugar and creamer set! You may have seen it at stylish cafe. If you have such a cute tableware, your table become a cafe table!

The color of the sugar and creamer set is filled with playful mind. The lids are yellow, the pots have two-tone of light yellow and white. Gentle coloring makes the sugar and creamer sets cute and casual.


How about having a teatime as the picture shows? All tableware is the Japanese porcelain from 1616/arita japan.

New season is coming. Why not make new table coordinate?

To make a new coordinate, the porcelain of 1616/arita japan will help you. All of them have simple design and gentle colors. Easy to coordinate with other tableware in your cupboard. Welcome spring with new tableware!