Best seller "TY Palace plate"

Next arrival will be on the end of January to the beggining of February


TY Palace plates from 1616/arita japan have been popular for its beautiful flower motif and unique unglazed texture.

The TY Palace plates are suitable present for elegant women or wedding favors.

We appreciate your patronage to the TY Palace plate.


At the end of last year 2015, the popularity of beautiful Arita porcelain becomes higher. The atelier of Palace plates was not able to make the producing in time.


We started accepting the back order for TY Palace plates that would arrive at the middle of January at the end of last year. However, the amount for back order reached to the limit within two weeks.


The next arrival of TY Palace plates will be at [the end of January to the beginning of February.] Now, the waiting time of popular Japanese porcelain is about one month. the

We expect that the next arrival will reach the limited amount soon. So, Please make back order as soon as possible.



Only TY Palace plate can make this beautiful shadowing.

See more details of TY Palace plates form here.

Japanese traditional and modern Arita porcelain, TY Palace plate



We are distributing JPY¥1000 coupon until the end of January. Now is the time!

Surge in the popularity, TY Square Plate and TY Round Plate


Behind the high popularity of TY Palace plates, other plates of TY series are getting popular. The two is TY Square plate and TY Round plate.



This is TY Square plate 235 white. This size plate is the best size for a small whole cake.




This is TY Round plate 240 white.

This size is also good for a small whole cake.

When you put cakes or dishes, make some space in a plate. The plate becomes polished with room.

Some customers who get interested in TY palace plate find these simple plates. Simple white plates are very useful for daily dinner.  Many customers purchase some of TY series.

What TY series do you like?

For easy comparing, we put same fruits tart on 3 different plates. What is your favorite one? All??

We can see some tendencies for choosing TY series.

For those who like natural and cute interior, TY palace plates are popular.

Those who work for construction, design, or IT related job tend to like TY Square plates.

And simple and modern interior lovers like TY Round plates.


We also use these three types of TY plates at our store.

We put gorgeous food like a whole cake on TY Palace plate, and some snacks on Ty Square plates or TY Round plate.


These three are all white simple tableware. However, each has each own feature.


Please find your favorite one!