Simple soba choko cups can be multiple use cups!

Inban soba choko cups of Azmaya have traditional pattern but modern atmosphere.

Inban is a traditional printing skill. This soba choko cups are made of Hasami porcelain.


Soba choko cups are used for eating soba. It is true. However, this soba choko cup is very useful for various use.


Soba choko cups as teacups


The other day, we had a lot of guests in the morning. We did not have enough coffee cups.

Therefore, I decided to use the soba choko cups of Azmaya as teacups.


I wondered that the beautiful contrast of white and blue looked cool, however, the color of tea looked more beautiful with the color of soba choko cups.


In the cold morning, hot tea with beautiful porcelain was very stylish!

The business negotiation became livelier with soba choko teacups.


Arita porcelain tray for Inban soba choko cups.


What tray is suitable for Inban soba choko cups? Usually, we use wooden tray. However, all trays were being used already.


Therefore, I used TY Round Deep Plate 280 of 1616/arita japan.

To my surprise, the white color of Arita porcelain fits the color of soba choko cups.




Why Inban soba choko cups fit Arita porcelain plates?

Hasami porcelain of Nagasaki prefecture and Arita porcelain of Saga prefecture.

The producing area is different, but the producing area of pottery stone is same.

(Some ateliers are different. )


That is why the soba choko cups of Azmaya and white plate of 1616/arita japan fit harmoniously.

An inside story of Hasami porcelain and Arita porcelain.


Beautiful even when they are being washed!


When I was washing the Inban soba choko cups, I was surprised to see the beauty of cups and plates with white foam.


I called cameraman. He seemed that he could not understand the  beauty.

I believe that the beauty is hiding in daily life. When I find beautiful moment, I am happy.


Anyway,  Inban soba choko cups of Azmaya are multiple use cups.

Who already have them, or plan to have them, please find your own use of Inban soba choko cups.

Tell us your use through SNS!


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