Hi, everyone. How's it going?

In japan, we can feel the coming of summer.

It is getting warmer and warmer these days.


There is a haiku, Japanese poem wrote about early summer.

Sodo Yamaguchi, a haiku poet wrote the haiku.


"Me-ni-ha-Aoba, Yama-Hototogisu, Hatsu-gatsuo"

This haiku describes the early summer from three senses.

Eyes, we can see beautiful fresh green leaves.

Ears, we can hear the sing of little cuckoos.

Tongue, we can taste the first skipjack of the year.


Like this haiku, Japanese people have valued "shun" of food.

Shun is the word for one's best season in Japanese.


Today, let us introduce the "shun" food of this season with recommended table coordinate.


1. Katsuo on slate board SUZURI

This is "hatsu-gatsuo" from the Sodo's haiku. The first katsuo (skipjack) of this year. Japanese people like to eat katsuo by "tataki." Tataki is a cooking way. Grill the surface of katsuo, and pound katsuo.


Since katsuo has beautiful red color, it fit jet-black slate board SUZURI from studio GALA. Tiny plate (Mamezara) from Azmaya is the best plate for pouring soy sauce.

See more details of slate board SUZURI form here

Stylish slate cheese board SUZURI

Also, see more details of mamaezara from here

Cute mamezara (tiny plates) collection of Hasami porcelain

2. Wakatake-ni with TY Square plate

Wakatake-ni is boiled and seasoned takenoko (bamboo shoot) and wakame (seaweed) . We call those food "Deaimono", which get along with each other and have same "shun" season. Wakatake-ni is the representative deaimono of this season.


Fresh color bamboo shoot fit simple white square plate. The beauty of Arita porcelain white make wakatake-ni stand out. For making a stylish coordinate, we put tin chopstick rest MOON from Nousaku and top-coated oval chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto.


See more details of TY Square plate from here.

Simple life with simple plate. Square plate of Arita porcelain

Also, see more details about tin chopstick rests from here.

Cute Japanese chopstick rests have stories

Furthermore, see more details of chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto from here.

High quality Wajima lacquer of Japanese chopstick


Do you like Japanese food? Sushi or ramen noodle is famous worldwide now. However, there are a lot of delicious Japanese food.

"Shun" is one of the important concepts of Japanese food.

When you come to Japan, please enjoy "shun" food in that time.


Today's recommended items

SUZURI (slate cheese board) / Square Plate / Studio GALA

Mamezara (tiny plate)/ Dobai/ Dandelion

Square Plate/ W200/ TY Series/ 1616 arita japan

Chopstick Rest /MOON

Chopsticks / Top-coated Oval / Black/ Wajima Kirimoto