It gets much cooler in the morning and evening in Japan.

We can enjoy beautiful night sky.


This season, Japan Design Store gets many orders for gifts.

Fall is a bridal season, and season of personnel change in many companies.

To celebrating departures, many people look for gift items.

We are happy that many customers chose our store.


So, we would like to introduce recommended gift wrapping for suzugami.

Suzugami has been popular for gift item.

Depends on the purposes, appropriate gift wrapping is different.



For birthday gift or thanks gift!

Easy-wrapping (Japanese style)

Most popular gift wrapping for suzugami is this!

On the paulownia box, put see-through Tosa Japanese paper and ribbon it with red and white Mizuhiki.

The paulownia box of suzugami has dignified atmosphere. So, this easy-wrapping (Japanese style) fit very much!

This is "Japanese gift."


If you feel something lacking, we recommend adding "Ume-Mizuhiki."


It becomes cuter!

For cute person, or sending celebration, Ume-Mizuhiki is best!

For formal gift! Noshi wrapping

Next, this is Japanese traditional wrapping, "Noshi" style.

In Japan, we use Noshi wrapping for formal gifts.

For example, Japanese people use this style for wedding gift or retirement gift.


You can choose the colors of wrapping paper from 4 colors.

Also, you can choose best Noshi for your purpose.


Suzugami is a masterpiece filled with Japanese craftsmanship.


For that suzugami, Japanese traditional gift wrapping "Noshi" fit well.


One point…

Many customers purchase "Koro (wooden roller)" together with suzugami.

You can easily bend and stretch suzugami with Koro.

However, please note that the gathering way of gift wrapping is different from other products.


When you would like to gather 1 suzugami and 1 Koro, we gather these 2 in a clear bag.



If you order Easy-wrapping (Japanese / Western), we put See-through Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki on suzugami, and put Tosa Japanese paper on Koro.

【$3 wrapping】

If you order $3 wrapping (Wrapping paper Japanese style/ Wrapping paper Western style),  we wrap and put Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki on suzugami. Koro is wrapped with wrapping paper.


【Noshi wrapping】

Based on Japanese manner, we put Noshi on one product only.

So, we wrap and put Noshi on suzugami.

Koro is just wrapped with wrapping paper.

We cannot put Noshi on Koro. We appreciate your kind understanding.



These are recommended gift wrapping for suzugami.

We hope that this page will help you.


In addition to suzugami, we introduce various suitable items for gifts.

Please check it!

We recommend as wedding gifts for your important person!


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