What is the best gift for noodles lovers?


When you plan to send a gift for somebody, you take a lot of time to decide the items.

It is true that the time is one of the happy time, but do not want to take so much time, don't you?

Then, how about sending a "style" for the recipients' lifestyle?

For example, if your friend likes noodles, such as ramen, how about sending a donburi bowl?

This is a unique bowl "Trace Face" from Cement Produce Design.

How about sending a noodle bowl with your favorite noodles?


We can send a story or thought with an item.

If you combine some items to a set, the recipient can get a special time for them.

With this set, you can send a time for cooking and eating favorite ramen.

Japan Design Store offers a lot of suitable items for gifts.

Please enjoy shopping and choosing gift with us!!